The “HI NO ARASHI” kennel was registered in the international records of kennels and the Croatian Kennel Association (Federation Cynologique Internationale) under number 9/13.

We live in a small quiet place above Opatija, with two daughters who are already the happiest people because they enjoy the love of our little four-legged family members.

Our whole life is filled with great love for these wonderful and precious beings – dogs. The Scot – Dalmatian dog was our first love. And now we are happy to remember his playfulness and great love. Scot will always have a special place in our heart, but unfortunately, the time as always did its part and Scot left us in 2008. In search of our new member of the family, in 2010 we import the first Shiba registered in the Croatian Kennel Association with the starting number HR10000SI, Luthien Siwash Legend.


As our love for these beautiful creatures is getting bigger, so is the number of our family members increasing … As we want to have the best breeding of our dogs, we imported from different parts of the world, carefully following lines, pedigree, and health. Following these guidelines, we import into Croatia the first Shiba from their country of origin, Japan.

Our dogs are primarily members of our family, live with us in the house, participate with us in all our family activities, social gatherings, annual holidays … At the same time, they are the top exhibition dogs, which is proven by their results. They have given us many successes, many of the titles won for being the most beautiful breed dogs, they were on the podium of the most beautiful dogs in a group 5 several times, as well as the titles, won for being the most beautiful pairs of exhibitions and even the most beautiful show puppies, the most beautiful youngest dog of the exhibition as well as the most beautiful young dog of the exhibition! They have won championships from different countries and also the international championship. As club members of the 5th FCI group, Nordic Club, they won multiple annual club awards.