Before we book puppies we like to talk to the future owners, to get to know them more closely. Everyone is always welcome to visit our great family!
The puppies reservation is confirmed by paying a deposit of 300 euros. Then we sign the Contract, confirming the reservation of a puppy and entering the waiting list. If the desired puppy is not born, the amount of the reservation is returned or remains for the next brood according to the choice of the future owner.

The choice of puppies is done according to the order of the booked reservation and according to our recommendation. From day one, we follow their development, temperament and personality to connect an ideal puppy with the right owner so that they can both enjoy a long and happy life together!

It is incomparably easier to start and live with the right dog adapted to the owner. The importance of proper dog assessment and owner assessment is important for the dog itself, as well as the owner, breeder, breed and kinology.


Puppies are ready for a new home at the age of 9 weeks. At that age they received first vaccination, and microchiping. Puppies are cleansed from outer and inner parasites. Cleaning of indoor parasites is done every two weeks until the day of departure to the new home. Taking the puppy is done in our kennel (with the exception of long distance – as agreed).

We regularly send pictures and videos to the new owners, so that they can participate in the upbringing of their new family member.

Puppies go to a new home with:

  • Veterinary booklet – EU passport

  • Veterinary examination – confirmed in the booklet
  • Pedigree issued by HKS / FCI – delivered when ready
  • Contract and brochure for a puppy
  • Kit for puppies – various accessories for easier adaptation to a new home

If you are thinking of purchasing this wonderful breed, you can always contact us or visit us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We would also like to get to know you better, as you are the future owner and a new home of our puppy.