Our puppies grow up with us and our family. They get all the attention and love. They spend their first five weeks with us in an apartment where we provide them with the first socialization. Then they begin to get acquainted with our yard, all the way to going crazy, running and playing on our lawn. And when the rainy days come, they continue to play on their roofed terrace where they enjoy their little plays!

  • Love and attention from the first days
  • Socialization of puppies
  • Training and acclimatization

We pay great attention to socialization, accustoming them from the first day to various sounds, new situations as well as to new people … In the early days we begin with the potty training on the floor, then on the grass, getting used to the necklace …

From the first day, we keep track of their development and temperament to connect an ideal puppy with the right owner so that they can both enjoy a long and happy life together!

Puppy reservation